Between 2007 and 2013, companies in Eindhoven were commissioned to remove unauthorised images from municipal property in the city’s public space. As evidence of their work they photographed each site twice – before and after cleaning. This resulted in a huge archive of 50,000 image that Vincent Wittenberg and Wladimir Manshanden (NL) stumbled upon. Sorry for Damage Done represents just three percent of the entire database.

As the main goal of this publication was to show the enormous amount of vernacular imagery, the biggest challenge for this project was making sense of the edit. The arists first made a rough selection which was categorised by date. From this database we selected the most interesting pairs and ordered them chronologically in the book. Then images were judged individually to determine how big we would use them. The bigger images were placed in full colour, while the smallest ones were used in greyscale. Image pairs are always kept together.

Sorry for Damage Done
Vincent Wittenberg &
Wladimir Manshanden, 2016

170 × 240 mm, 352 p (EN)
offset-printed softcover

Edit i.c.w. Vincent Wittenberg &
Wladimir Manshanden
Design i.c.w. Rob van Hoesel
Production by Wilco Art Books (NL)

ISBN: 978-94-92051-26-4
Published by The Eriskay Connection
€ 25 (more information)