Layers of Reality is both a personal and a semi-scientific research study of synaesthesia. Anna Püschel (BE), a synaesthete herself, experiences colours when looking at certain images, and here, she questions her conception of reality. Using a large database of images, she investigates her synaesthetic reactions in an attempt to understand how we construct reality.

When Anna asked us to design and publish her prize-winning graduation project, we wanted to make sure to visualise her fascinating research as good as possible. The whole research is divided over five chapters, each showing one specific way to look at her specific type of synaesthesia. As the colours she feels when looking at images can vary a lot, and even include white, we decided to print the whole book with a very light grey tone, to make white-coloured blocks stand out from the background without using borders.

Layers of Reality
Anna Püschel, 2017

170 × 240 mm, 256 p (EN)
offset-printed selfcover with both
offset and silkscreen-printed
american dust jacket on kraft paper

Best Dutch Book Design 2017

Edit i.c.w. Anna Püschel
Design i.c.w. Rob van Hoesel
Text edit by Joy Phillips
Print by Wilco Art Books (NL)
Silkscreen by Hop Zeefdruk (NL)
Binding by Patist (NL)

ISBN: 978-94-92051-29-5
Published by The Eriskay Connection
€ 25 (more information)