Barry van der Rijt (NL) became fascinated by surprising glitches which can occur in digital movie playback. In a timespan of two years he created, obsessively, hundreds of such erroneous images. In Exquisite Errors: DMCO–I he categorized these glitches and called them ‘(dis)orders’, inspired by the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. This manual defines more than three hundred mental disorders and prescribes how to diagnose these. The big difference with the DSM however is that all ‘orders’ are labeled not negatively but positively.

What is notable about the enormous collection of glitches that Barry collected, is that almost all of them can be easily categorised. Some types were very common, others very rare. When editing the book, we could visualise this phenomenon by trying to use nearly all images, but on very different sizes. Rare ‘orders’ would get large images, more common ones would have spreads filled with very small ones. To counter the problem of printing typical RGB images in CMYK, we did various test prints to find out that mixing in 30% fluor inks with the regular cyan, magenta and yellow inks resulted in a way more vivid printing quality.

Exquisite Errors: DMCO–I
Barry van der Rijt, 2015

160 × 210 mm, 288 p (EN)
offset-printed otastar softcove with
a white foil stamp on black paper,
printed with 30% fluor inks mixed in

Edit i.c.w. Barry van der Rijt
Design i.c.w. Rob van Hoesel
Lithography by Sebastiaan Hanekroot
Production by NPN Printers (NL)

ISBN: 978-94-92051-13-4
Published by The Eriskay Connection
€ 30 (more information)